Halftime Update: I Do Not Like Donte DiVincenzo


Welp, we’re at the break and Villanova is up 9. Not great! At least not for me who 1. picked Michigan to win it all and wants to win some cash and 2. hates Philadelphia sports teams with a burning passion now.

By no means do I think this game is over, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried. The Wildcats can turn this game into a route, reallllll quick. Just gotta hope and pray for them to go cold and the Wolverines to keep it close. If they can stick around, I’ll be confident.

There’s one major problem though. Donte DiVincenzo. This kid is INFURIATING. I already knew I didn’t like him much but he’s the typical guy who you hate out on the basketball court. He’s got an annoying name, his look may be even worse and he’s dominating the team I’m rooting for. The fact that he’s not just a scrappy grinder and he’s actually an athletic force just makes him that much more frustrating. He’s really taken shit into his hands and I need him to go away. Now.

So let’s move on to the second half and pray that DiVincenzo’s night goes downhill fast. Michigan’s got to lock in early and not let this thing get away because if it does, it’s overrrrr. (Vince Carter dunk contest gif).

*This kid not going to Duke is a travesty.

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