LeBron Going At Nick Saban Might Be The Dumbest Thing He’s Ever Done

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Boston Celtics

LeBron James is taking Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide to court. (Insert could Alabama football beat the Cavaliers at basketball joke here). Apparently, ‘Bama put out a trailer for a new series called “Shop Talk” on their Twitter account last week and it too closely resembles something that LeBron has done in the past.

Alabama’s video features Saban with former players like Julio Jones as they shoot the shit in a barbershop about a bunch of different topics. First off, this is a HILARIOUS idea. Nick Saban looks so uncomfortable and I just can’t imagine him sitting around with other guys while talking and laughing about anything. What I really want to see is Saban in the chair getting a new ‘do. That’s what we need.

Anyway, LeBron’s UNINTERRUPTED series has already done something like this called “The Shop.” So they sent a letter to Alabama about copyright infringement and intellectual property rights. This is a crazy, crazy move. It might be the dumbest thing LeBron has ever done. He went against Nick Saban and threatened him, which is like growling in a pitbull’s face. You’re going to end up with your nose bitten clean off of your face.

Nick Saban has easily had people wacked for less than hitting him with a legal notice. I know I wouldn’t cross the guy. He’s just a cold-blooded man who loves football and frowning while hating anything else. The rest of life is just nonsense to him and he’s got zero time for LeBron and his videos that go on “The Twitter.”

Do I put it past Saban to have LeBron somehow framed for steroids or worse? Nope. So I’d advise them to just let Saban have the barbershop videos if he wants them. That makes the most sense.

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