As Much As I’d Like It To Happen, Tiger Woods Isn’t Winning The Masters

Valspar Championship - Final Round

PALM HARBOR, FL – MARCH 11: Tiger Woods reacts after a putt on the sixth hole during the final round of the Valspar Championship at Innisbrook Resort Copperhead Course on March 11, 2018 in Palm Harbor, Florida. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Well, the NCAA Tournament is over and baseball has gotten underway so it’s time to turn our attention to the golf world*. It’s Masters week! I’m a huge fan of the Masters, as most are, and we all know that this is the number 1 event that everyone wants one thing to happen. We want Tiger to win another green jacket.

After looking very good in the last month or so and proclaiming himself to be a whole new guy, everyone is on board the Tiger train. Two weeks ago he was installed as the favorite for the Masters and while I’m not sure if that still holds up, that’s pretty wild that he was at one point. But that is where we’re at with Tiger right now. He’s shown us more than he has in a long time and we’re all back believing in him. It feels like it could happen and if it does the golf (and sports) world will go nuts.

However, all of this means that he will not win. When everyone actually thinks he’s going to do it more than they have in like a decade, and when he’s actually the favorite, there’s no way he pulls it off. That’s like gambling 101. When you think something is going to happen, it isn’t. Tiger may contend and may even give us some fun on Sunday, but he isn’t going to finish the job and win golf’s most prestigious major. Not this year at least.

He’ll win another at Augusta, but it’ll be in a year where people aren’t expecting it. I can’t wait for that day, but we’ll have to because it isn’t coming this weekend.

*This is really the best time of the sports calendar besides the return of football. We have so much to look forward to and the minute Jim Nantz goes from giving away his tie at the national title game to saying “Hello Friends” is the minute you know spring is back. Let’s go!

**You wanna know who else isn’t winning the Masters? Rickie Fowler. I like that dude but he just cannot pull that off. He’ll probably just miss the cut again.

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