Don’t Let The Fake News Tell You Didi Gregorius Isn’t a Top 5 Shortstop

On MLB Network, ‘The Shredder‘ put out their top 5 shortstops in baseball. However, they didn’t do their homework as they left Didi Gregorius off of the list but had guys on their like Trevor Story and Tim Beckham. It is really a sin to see people spread anti-Yankee biases. Don’t worry, I am here to remind you that Didi Gregorius is a top 5 shortstop in all of baseball and it’s not even a discussion.

Coming off a hot start in Toronto, Didi continued to streak at Yankee Stadium‘s home opener, going 4-for-4 with 2 home runs, a walk and 8 RBI’s. That’s not a typo, he had EIGHT runs batted in. The most by a Yankees Shortstop ever, and the most every by a home player on opening day in baseball history. Not Yankees history, baseball history.

After missing over a month last season after injuring himself during the world baseball classic, Didi Gregorius still put up a Yankee single season record in home runs, passing the Goat, Derek Jeter, with 25 home runs. He also notched 87 RBI’s. This is right in line with players like Carlos Correa and Francisco Lindor. Only different? Correa and Lindor didn’t miss over a month of the season.

Please be advised, Didi can also pick it in the field with the best of them, as he always is making solid plays in the field. Didi is on stride and his swing is in full effect already this season, as he tries to recreate his magical 2017 season. He was giving a standing ovation with chants of “DIDI-DIDI-DIDI” until he gave the fans a curtain call.

Here is a friendly reminder, Brian Cashman traded Shane Greene (who?) for a franchise shortstop to succeed the best shortstop of all time, Derek Jeter. Also, who cares if Giancarlo Stanton had one bad game? This lineup is so deep anyone’s bad game can be made up for. That is scary. Don’t be distracted, enjoy the fact that we have Didi Gregorius on our baseball team.

Don’t let the fake news distract you from the fact that Didi Gregorius is a top-5 shortstop in baseball, and is still trending towards the top.

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