General Observations and Overreactions


Now is the time for fans to flip out. It may be about their real life team or their fantasy team. Here are a few observations I’ve made and a few overreactions that have been made.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are 4-0. They are going to be better than people think but knowing Neil Huntington, he won’t make any moves at the deadline and the Pirates will most likely finish behind the Brewers and Cubs.

Giancarlo Stanton hits the ball really hard. This isn’t a stretch but when you can hit the ball over 117 mph to the opposite field at Yankee Stadium I think you may be in for a solid year.

Jose Berrios is really good. To throw a 107-pitch complete game in your first start of the year on the road tells me something. This kid is good.

Kenley Jansen stinks. I don’t know if I would go that far. The fact that his velocity has dropped considerably and he has given up two homeruns in two appearances concerns me.

Oh my god Matt Davidson! He hit 3 homeruns opening day. So did Tuffy Rhodes. He has gone 1-7 since. Let’s not crown him the homerun king yet.

The Padres and Royals don’t have a win yet. They will get theirs although they will probably finish near the bottom of their respective divisions.

Crazy shifts that are ruining baseball. Not quite. The 4 OF that Houston played against Joey Gallo actually worked out. The shift the Twins employed against Chance Sisco, not so much. They whined about it but this is part of the game and if teams are going to play the odds then players will try to beat them. Plain and simple.

There is a lot of baseball to be played and their are teams and players do more than expected and less than expected so far. Keep calm and wait until the beginning of May to either jump on the bandwagon or jump off a bridge.



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