Hey Remember That Time I Was Right To Say Donte DiVincenzo Sucks? I Sure Do.


So last night I posted a blog about how I did not like Donte DiVincenzo at all. I got a little bit of backlash there and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why. It was painfully obvious that this kid was a huge bag of shit and that was proved to be true when Twitter outed him as a bigot.

DiVincenzo had his tweets dug up, as any newly famous person does, and what the Internet found was no good. The tournament star had 17,000 tweets from his past and some contained the racial slurs while others used derogatory terms for gay people. The guard confirmed after the game that the account was his but said he “didn’t remember using any racially charged terms.” Sure.

He fits right in at Villanova because the school itself went and released a statement that was a bold-faced lie. They said that DiVincenzo’s account was hacked and that “none of the statements attributed to Donte are his.” That’s weird, because that’s not really what he said. Maybe get your story straight next time before you address an issue.

Anyway, the account was deleted and the school had to retract their statement in an embarrassing move to put a little damper on championship night. It’s so crazy how these stars that everyone in America randomly decides to love get exposed and taken down almost immediately. First it was Ken Bone, now it’s Donte DiVincenzo.

So anyway, I’m just gonna go ahead and say that a white kid probably shouldn’t be tweeting the N-word, even if it’s lyrics from a rap song. That’s not exactly great.

If you need me, I’ll take my apologies and my “you were right, I was wrong statements” in the form of tweet or letter. It’s up to you. Just glad I knew this kid was no good from the start.

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