The Gordon Hayward Conspiracy Theories Are Weak


Celtics star Gordon Hayward has been out all season after that gruesome ankle injury he sustained on opening night in Cleveland. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t been a huge topic of conversation, because he certainly has been. Everyone around the NBA, but especially in Boston, wants to know what his status is and whether or not he can come back to help the Celtics in the playoffs this season. It’s been a discussion that’s been beaten into the ground.

Now there are people out there trying to come up with conspiracy theories about Hayward and the Celtics being at odds over his rehab and return. I guess in some situations, I would say it had some merit. Hayward has been posting videos of his progress quite a bit and hasn’t shut down the idea of a return. Meanwhile, the Celtics are completely downplaying the thought that he’s close to anything and could play again this season.

So sometimes, you might think there would be a disconnect. You’d think that Hayward was putting this all out there to kind of undercut the team because he didn’t agree with their plans. In this case though, that’s trying to hard. Gordon Hayward and the Celtics are not having issues. Don’t get bent out of shape and read too much into something like that.

Do we really think the relationship between Hayward and Brad Stevens has soured? It’s not going to and it CERTAINLY wouldn’t within the short span of time that they’ve been dealing with this injury. Just because Stevens is telling everyone to knock it off with the expectations while Hayward tries to show us how far he’s come doesn’t mean they are fighting. This is just typical drama that gets stirred up when people hear quotes out of context or don’t think hard enough about the situation. Trust me, I’ve been guilty of examining things like this, but right now is not the time. All is fine with the Celtics and their star.

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