There Are Too Many Dumb Unwritten Rules In Baseball


On Sunday, the Twins were finishing up a game against the Baltimore Orioles. Jose Berrios was spinning a gem (I keep screaming from the rooftops that he’s the next stud) and Minnesota was securing a 7-0 victory in the ninth inning. That’s when Orioles catcher Chance Sisco (Hall of Fame name) decided to drop a bunt down against the shift.

Sisco reached with a hit and apparently this is a big no no in baseball? The Twins were pissed about this and thought it was bush league. I don’t understand why. You are playing to win the game and even though his team was way down, Sisco was trying to get on base and make something happen.

This is why so many people say that baseball players are soft. Brian Dozier and Berrios both made it clear afterward that they were unhappy with the play and Berrios even said it was “bad for baseball.” Take the shift off then! If you’re saying he shouldn’t drop the bunt because the game is over then you should relax your strategy as well. It’s frustrating to have to defend an Oriole, but this is just ridiculous.

Baltimore only had one hit before the bunt, a double by Sisco, and this move did start something for the Orioles. They didn’t score, but they got in Berrios head and who’s to say next time that type of move doesn’t start a rally to win? I can’t hate on it. All I can do is say that some of these “unwritten rules” are dumb and make players look so whiny. That’s what isn’t good for baseball.

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