Closers Are The Only Players Who Can Get Away With Telling You One Game Doesn’t Matter


I’m pretty hardcore when it comes to what I expect out of athletes. It might be unfair and it might be overdone, but that is just how I am as a fan. I never, ever want to hear a guy shrug off a shitty performance and act like it doesn’t matter. I’m a big believer that great players care almost too much and when they don’t do well, they should be upset.

(Extreme Stephen A. Smith voice) HOWEVAH…..a closer should totally be moving on and not dwelling on a bad outing. It’s so strange, because I saw that Kenley Jansen said “Who cares? It’s just one game.” He has started the year on a rough note and when I saw that, I immediately wanted to rip him apart for not being fiery enough. Then I remembered what he does, and I thought “wow, closers can and probably should be saying things like that.”

It’s just such a departure from what I think anyone else should be acting like, so it’s interesting to me. More than any position in sports, a closer needs to look at a bad day and go “screw it, on to the next one.” So Kenley, you have the right idea. Just don’t say that in September or October.

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