Kevin Durant Says He Isn’t Bothered By The “Blog Boys,” Is Totally Bothered Though


I know I shouldn’t feed into this, because honestly at this point what Kevin Durant wants is attention. I have to though, as a “blog boy” myself.

So Kevin Durant did another podcast with Bill Simmons last week that lasted two parts. I knew I’d hate it, but I listened anyway because I was curious about what would be said. There was a lot I could cover, but my main takeaway (and I now this sounds repetitive with some other blogs I’ve written) is that no professional athlete has thinner skin than Kevin Durant.

He kept talking about how the “blog boys” don’t watch basketball and don’t know anything. The whole interview was about it and yes, he knew I and others would write about it but I just want to make it clear I’m aware that he knew this. I just think he tried to come off as someone who doesn’t care what’s said about him but was so overdone and petty about things that it was painfully obvious how much it bothers him when people are negative about him.

Durant must have said the words “blog boys” 200 times. If you are so unfazed by people who write about sports then how come you kept talking about them and lashing out during this podcast? I just don’t get it. He even mentioned a bunch of people or blogs he doesn’t like by name. Barstool, Fox Sports, Bleacher Report, Nick Wright, Stephen A. and Shannon Sharpe all got shout outs from KD. I guess that just means they are getting to him because why else in the world would Durant even acknowledge them.

I mean look, we knew that Durant was a softie. There’s been a bunch of evidence of that over the past like how ever many years. But this was ridiculous. Why can’t he just actually be unfazed and “live his best life” as he said he was? Even Bill Simmons kept telling him he was taking offense to everything! When that guy tells you your skin is thin you better reevaluate everything.

Then there was his business partner, Rich Kleinman. I don’t really know who this guy is besides hearing his voice on these podcasts and knowing he’s hitched his wagon to KD. They are definitely close friends. Yet even Kleinman was pushing back on Durant about being so sensitive at times! It was amazing. How does this guy continue to say nothing bothers him and we don’t know him when he’s showing us everything? It was infuriatingly frustrating to listen to.

Durant was dismissive of anyone’s opinion but his own. He kept telling Simmons he didn’t know what he was talking about and even had the audacity to say well-respected NBA writers like Zach Lowe and Marc Stein don’t know what they are talking about and don’t watch games. Dude, you are so goddamn ignorant! He just can’t take any criticism of himself or his buddies around the league. He would basically lose it anytime Simmons tried to compare players or talk about different observations he’s had. Durant is that guy that goes “oh you didn’t play the game so you can’t talk about it,” which is the worst type of person on the planet. As much flack as I give to Bill Simmons, he knows his shit, especially when it comes to the NBA.

Meanwhile, KD would turn around and be hypocritical at times regarding other things. He just has a list of people that can’t be talked badly about (mainly all basketball players and rappers) and everything else was fair game. In regards to rappers, he actually said they knew more about the NBA than the guys who cover the league and that they should vote for MVP. Dude, do you actually think Drake knows anything? He strictly roots for the best teams in the league. He probably has zero idea who is on the Atlanta Hawks roster.

It just sucks because KD is such a great player and every now and then during the interview he says something of value. If he could just be interesting and not cry about everything, he’d be a great listen. As for Simmons, I get why he plays ball with Durant. He knows people will listen and talk about it because everyone hates KD and hates his answers. That generates publicity and more money for him. I just wish he fought back on Durant even a little bit more instead of seeming so intimidated by him. Oh well.

Lastly, I hate when sports journalists get bent out of shape about a guy not respecting them. I know that’s kind of what I’m doing here but I think it’s fair with Durant because he gets vicious and personal and just seems so butt-hurt. I’m very aware that a lot of the media sucks and the hot take culture can get annoying when people are taking themselves and their wild ideas to seriously. If Durant wants to hate on some of it, that’s fine. Just don’t throw out blanket statements about everyone and make it like now that people don’t have a good perception of you, it’s all because they don’t know shit.

Anyway, take a listen because there is much more that I could have covered here. It’s something that might piss you off but at the same time I guess I like hearing all sides whether I agree with them or not. I really hope Kevin Durant goes into his burner account tonight and finds this article. Maybe he’ll yell at me for being a “blog boy.”

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