Man, Aaron Boone Sure Does Sound Like A Confident Manager Who Is Going To Do Well!

Originally, I was going to write a blog about how Jacoby Ellsbury has been just an absolute travesty with the Yankees. I always like Ellsbury when he was in Boston and a small part of me feels bad that his career has went straight into the shitter (most of me is happy though). It wasn’t like we didn’t see this coming and that contract wasn’t a joke on day one but boy, things have just been awful and I’m not sure if Yankee fans hated him more in Boston, or now.

When I went to look into what happened with Ellsbury though, a whole new blog slapped me in the face. It’s early in the season and I admittedly haven’t paid much attention to Aaron Boone yet, but when I saw his comments regarding the centerfielder’s injury, I had to move my attention to him.

Boone addressed the media regarding the Yankees decision to shut down Ellsbury and sounded like the most unsure, timid manager I’ve ever heard. He kept throwing around the words “kind of” and just was the least articulate speaker of all time. He didn’t even know what hip Ellsbury had hurt either. How does that happen? If it happens, how does he stand in front of reporters as he’s so unprepared to answer questions about it.

This brings me so much joy to see that Aaron Boone looks lost. I honestly thought he couldn’t be worse at managing than he was at being a color analyst, but he’s going to mess around and prove me wrong. Know what’s going on with your players and stop sounding like you’re trying to make shit up on the fly.

I’ll be monitoring Boone more closely now because I need to know exactly how clueless he is. I’m excited.

*Shoulda hired A-Rod…

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