Sox Fans Are Awfully Quiet Watching The Big 3 All Go Yard Today

Every Boston fan and their mothers were talking about Giancarlo Stanton’s 5 strikeout game yesterday. To be frank, I don’t blame them, it was dreadful. Giancarlo took it on the chin and said it was garbage, and that he deserved to be booed. The tweets were flowing in about how Giancarlo is a bust, and how the Yankees suck, meanwhile neglecting to realize that Didi was in the middle of a 4-for-4 2 home run and 8 RBI game. Red Sox fans seemed awfully concerned by what’s going on in the Bronx. The reality? Stanton doesn’t need to have a hit to have an 11-4 win because we are so deep.

Today? Crickets.

Giancarlo shut up his haters by destroying a baseball for a 458 foot blast that landed in the second deck in left field and had an exit velocity of 118 MPH. He’s back. Not to be outdone, Gary Sanchez missed a pitch, and was still strong enough to send it out to left field for a home run. And of course, last years Rookie of The Year, and should’ve been MVP, Aaron Judge then smoked an off-speed pitch into the bleachers in left field.

Imagine having to face Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Gary Sanchez, back-to-back-to-back? Blake Snell and the Tampa Bay Rays didn’t fair too good this afternoon as this marks the first game in which all three of the Yankees big bombers hit home runs in the same game, and I don’t think it will be the last.

Maybe Sox fans missed the game today? Yankees news is real quiet in Boston again this afternoon.

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  1. “Should’ve been MVP” ?!?!?! Judge was great don’t get me wrong. But for me, you have to play well and help the team the entire season. He barely hit above the Mendoza line in the 2nd half


    • Judge and Altuve were top in every major category. Judge should’ve taken it in my opinion. Second half factored in, but I think the record breaking year lead to the Yankees being in the position they were. He was more valuable to the Yankees than Altuve was to Houston


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