EA Sports Needs To Drop Another Golf Video Game ASAP


Well, the Masters are underway today and that got me thinking about playing golf both out in the fresh air, and inside my house with my retinas burning from looking at the television for four hours. I love video game golf and I always have, as Tiger Woods PGA Tour was as much a part of my childhood as riding bikes and shooting squirt guns.

So now it’s been like three years or so since the last time a golf video game was released and I need a new one. After EA Sports scrapped Tiger Woods because of all the controversy surrounding him, they turned to Rory McIlroy to be the front-man for their golf franchise moving forward. The game was unlike any other before it as it was on Playstation 4 and Xbox One with crazy graphics, and amazing new features like the ability to go from hole to hole without a loading screen. It had it’s issues (not enough golfers or courses) but this was just their first crack at it on the new consoles and they’d improve in the near future.

That near future turned into no future. There’s been no news of a new golf game coming and I’m worried that EA isn’t even making one. They should be taking the resources they are using to make crappy titles like NBA Live and coming up with an all-new Rory McIlroy. No, wait, they should just re-name it after Tiger since he is #back.

Give us all the courses and all the golfers with all the new age technology and let me hit the links in the air conditioning during the summer. I want to be hitting shots at Augusta today instead of just watching. Step your game up, EA.

*What has happened to this company? They killed the NCAA games, let NBA Live become a joke and now aren’t doing golf. I miss the days when EA was running the video game world.

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