Irish Hurling is different than I pictured it

Well Well Well. Conor…you really outdid yourself this time. I mean I didn’t think that you could give your bottle throwing fiasco at the 202 Presser a 1up. I also didn’t think that you could make more headlines than when you jumped over the cage to surprise your victorious teammate then assault Marc Goddard. But my goodness you did.

If you haven’t heard by now, Conor McGregor had just had a warrant placed for his arrest by the NYPD due to an altercation that took place at the end of the UFC’s Media Day for UFC 223.

Dana White addressed the matter over video conference which can be seen on

Here are some highlights

-Conor and approximately 20 guys apparently were let into the building by his credentialled video staff and got down to the loading docks and started to attack the busses that were carrying some of the fighters, namely, Lightweight title Challenger Khabib Nurmagomedov, whom he was likely targeting.

-They started throwing multiple objects at the busses and a shard of glass from a broken window sliced UFC Lightweight, Michael Chiesa‘s Forehead pretty severely.

-An Employee broke his arm.

Artem Lobov, his teammate at SBG Ireland, who previously in the week had a disagreement with Khabib is now off of the card entirely and his fight with Alex Caceres is scrapped.

-He and His plane cannot leave the state of New York

“What happened today was criminal, disgusting and it makes me sick” – Dana White

I’ll have an update on UFC 223 later today.

UPDATE: No Warrant out for arrest of Conor McGregor


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