Jose Fernandez and MLB Random Thoughts

There was a report yesterday that Ralph Fernandez, the lawyer for Jose Fernandez‘s estate, and no relation to the pitcher, filed paperwork claiming the investigation into the death of the Marlins star last September was mishandled. The boating accident, which also claimed the lives of Emilio Macias and Eduardo Rivero, was blamed on Jose Fernandez. It was his boat, he was driving, and he was intoxicated. His lawyer claims differently. Ralph Fernandez is claiming that Jose Fernandez was drugged to steal $15,000 from him. I think this may be an opportunity for his lawyer to get out of the $2 mil Fernandez’s estate is being sued for by each of the other occupants’ death. If Fernandez’s lawyer can cast a shadow of a doubt that there was a mishandled investigation, then he can say that there is a doubt of Jose Fernandez’s guilt.

After the first week of baseball, every team has at least one loss and one win. That being said, the standings are not that far off from where I see them at the end of the year. With the exception of…

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been downright awful at hitting the ball. They will get better, but they still can’t hit lefties and that won’t change at all until they get Justin Turner back. The boys in blye are in trouble as the Arizona Diamondbacks have picked up where they left off looking really good and the Colorado Rockies aren’t far behind.

The Chicago White Sox are currently tied for the AL Central with the Minnestoa Twins. That won’t last. Chicago is still rebuilding and has beaten up on bad starting pitching to this point. I would expect them to finish fourth in the AL Central only because the Detroit Tigers are worse.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are 4-1, another nice story but they won’t contend. Even if they are around .500 at the trade deadline, Neal Huntington won’t do anything and the Pirates will eventually fall to third behind the Brewers and Cubs.

Expect the Chicago Cubs and Clevalnd Indians (World Series ’16) to make their move soon. Those teams are good and won’t be held down for long. They have two of the best pitching staffs in baseball to go along with two of the better managers.

I also put a poll on twitter about unwritten rules in baseball, chime in there with your vote.

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