Benches Clearing Brawl At Fenway Officially Means the Rivalry is Back On

The Boston Red Sox beat the life out of the New York Yankees on Tuesday night in their first encounter of the season, 14-1 with Chris Sale silencing the Bronx bats and Mookie Betts putting the final nail in the coffin with a grand slam. The rivalry is back on, and that much was very evident during play in Wednesday night’s game.

It all started when Yankees first baseman Tyler Austin slid hard into the bag at second trying to break-up a double play, spikes up at Red Sox Brock Holt. The Boston utility-man took exception to the hard slide as Austin violated one of baseball’s unwritten, and now written rules as the Red Sox asked for the slide to be reviewed after the play. Holt and Austin briefly exchanged words and the benches cleared for the first time, but nothing came of it in the third inning.

After David Price departed following the first inning, New York opened up to an 8-1 lead and were quickly moving along until J.D. Martinez got Boston right back into the game with a grand slam to dead center making it a two-run game. Then, Boston’s pen coughed up two more making it a 10-6 game in the 7th inning where we pick up from the skirmish earlier in the contest.

Joe Kelly would proceed to drill Austin in the back with a 97 mph fastball. No targeting of the head, just a straight fastball in the back to let Austin know that he wasn’t going to get away with his dirty slide earlier and Kelly was going to stick up for his teammate. Austin immeditaly slammed the bat into the ground and the fiery right-hander Kelly, rather than backing down or running away signaled “come on” to the New York first baseman and the brawl ensued. Benches quickly cleared and ejections were handed out. Kelly landed a few good shots during the brawl and take down getting him some of Tyler Austin.

Boston eventually fell to the Yankees 10-7 evening the series but, Joe Kelly signaled that Alex Cora‘s Red Sox aren’t the type to take that shit from Aaron Boone‘s Yankees lightly. They will kick your ass and steal your girl. Alright, not really, but bear with me I’m fired up. The rivalry is back on and I cannot wait to see what else is in store in the 17 remaining matchups between these two teams this season.

P.S. Aaron Judge is all hype, he didn’t even want to mix it up for a guy his size. I’ll take Porcello or Sale against the big slugger one-on-one.

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