2018 Top 5 NFL Draft Running Back Prospects

There is a different story among the running backs for this year’s draft. There’s only one or two of them projected to go in the first round. That doesn’t mean that the talent isn’t there though. Some teams will be getting steals in the later rounds of the draft because of the focus on other positions early on such as the run on QB’s.

1. Saquon Barkely – Any team that gets him will have a top 5 to top 10 player for the next 15 years on their team. Barkley can do everything from in rushing, receiving, and to even pass block. He is the type of player you will see on top highlights every Monday Morning. Generational talent.

2. Derrius Guice – A hard-nosed running back out of LSU that followed up Leonard Fournette, which most people thought was unthinkable. Runs angry, very angry and isn’t meant to be a receiving threat. He is a grind down your defense all day type running back with a motor that doesn’t quit.

3. Rashaad Penny – For a 220 pound running back, this is one of the most nimble and fluid backs of this draft. He has the ability to take it to the end zone on any given play with 25 total touchdowns on offense. Also, is multi dimensional weapon both returning punts and kicks for 8 TD’s in his college career.

4. Nick Chubb – Chubb has been seen for the past 4 years mowing defenders and possessing that jump cut of his to earn extra yardage. He isn’t flashy by any means, but has been known to carry a whole defense on his back for about 15 yards a run. As a part of a duo he finished with 1,345 yards, which is very impressive.

5. Sony Michel – The other half of the UGA duo had one third less attempts than Chubb did and ran for 1,227 yards. A dynamite stick waiting to go off at any moment. You give him the tiniest crease and Michel is gone. Michel has a nose for the endzone having 16 touchdowns in 2017. I can see Michel being a solid flex back in the NFL.

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