Gleybermania on it’s way to the Bronx

According to Jack Curry of the YES Network, the New York Yankees are prepared to call up their #1 prospect, and the MLB’s #5 overall prospect, Gleyber Torres from Triple-A Scranton Wilkes-Barre ahead of Sunday’s game in New York.

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Many people in the organization thought that Torres should have been on last years opening day roster with Didi Gregorius down with an injury, but that promotion never came. However it was certain he would join the team at some point in the season. That also never came as Torres, who at the time had only played about 40 games above A ball, had to get Tommy John Surgery after injuring his arm sliding into home plate. Then, to continue on the same idea, many thought he would start this season as the team’s second basemen, but struggled in spring training with the Yankees.

Since the season began, Torres has torn it up in AAA, slashing .370/.415/.543 in just 13 games.

This was a strategic move by the Yankees. By waiting until at least April 18th, the Yankees gain an extra full season of eligibility over the 21 year old. Torres is under team control for the next 7 seasons. There also shouldn’t be any grievance’s filed from Torres of time manipulation by the Yankees, as they could argue that their current Second Basemen Neil Walker and Tyler Wade are both hitting under .200.

With the Yankees struggling to start the season, Torres will have a lot of pressure on him, as he is one of the top prospects in baseball. Another note, Torres will be the youngest Yankee to be promoted before June 1st since, you guessed it, Derek Jeter. It is now the Gleyber Era in the Bronx.

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