Red Sox Being No Hit Reminds Us Why Baseball Is Great

First of all, congrats to Sean Manaea on the no hitter. No hitting a team especially now when balls are getting shot to the moon left and right. Manaea no hit the hottest team in baseball last night.

The Red Sox were 17-2 entering last night and hit 11 home runs in the last series vs. the Angels. So them getting no hit for the first time in 25 years, was a surprise. I was negative three when that last happened.

Which brings me to my point. The Red Sox being no hit last night reminds us why baseball is so great. It’s so random and weird at times that stuff like a no hitter against the best team in baseball can happen.

Now the Andrew Benintendi play is also a bit weird because they overruled the safe call because he was out of the baseline. But I don’t think he should of been called out in my opinion, it’s not like he was six feet outside of the baseline.

But theres nothing much you can do about that. The Red Sox had 26 other chances to get a hit but didn’t happen. And the good thing is that since the no hitter happened last night, it’ll be another 25 years until it happens again to the Red Sox right?

They’ll have to re-group after an off-day on Monday then head to Toronto after dropping the last two in Oakland this weekend.

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