The Red Sox farm system isn’t all on Dave Dombrowski

The Boston Red Sox farm system is ranked 24th in all of baseball according to Baseball America and with their pitchers approaching or in the 30 mark, and their positional roster approaching the end of their deals. The clock is running out on this corp to win a Championship and their farm system is depleted with nothing to replenish the team, there is a good chance dark days are coming down on Jersey Street.

While most of this is on team President Dave Dombrowski, he was hired on August 19th, 2015 just weeks after resigning from the Detroit Tigers and of the Red Sox top 10 prospects that day, only two, Andrew Benintendi and Rafel Devers. While that is on him there are two other people to blame for the current state of the Red Sox Farm System, Ben Cherington and Larry Lucchino. Those two also have to take part of the blame for one reason and one reason only the 2014 MLB Trade Deadline

On July 31st, 2014 the Red Sox sold off starting pitchers Jake Peavy, Felix Doubront, Jon Lester, and John Lackey, reliever Andrew Miller, and Shortstop Stephen Drew. In typical Red Sox fashion instead of having the long-term in mind, Cherington and Lucchino were more obsessed with the quick fix. The only prospect they got back was pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez in the Miller trade to the Baltimore Orioles. Almost all the talent they got in the return has left the team except Joe Kelly. The idea for the quick fix flamed out as in 2015 the Red Sox finished last. So my overall point is don’t put it all on, Dombrowski its on the former GM and President as well.

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