MLB Takes Viral Video of Terry Collins and The Umpires Off The internet (Supposedly)

After the video from last year went viral, Rob Manfred as apparently gotten the video taken down.

So I’m sure by now most of you reading this post have seen the video that was the talk of MLB twitter yesterday. It was an amazing video that had Noah Snydergaard getting thrown off for throwing behind the back of a Dodgers player and Terry Collins flipping out like there was no tomorrow.

This was thanks to an apparent leakage of the in game ballpark sound option that you can choose to listen to if you have the MLB.TV package.

I loved this because when you see players and managers argue with the umpires, you can’t hear what the heck they are saying. Example being Chris Sale when he was thrown out yesterday in the game after he came out during the 7th inning. He said some words that you could probably make out on your own, but I know people would of loved to hear it on their screens.

My issue with this is that apparently Manfred thinks he got the video off the internet and I think he doesn’t understand how the internet works. What you post online is online forever. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to take it off.

I get this is for the CBA agreement, but Manfred is worried about fans losing interest in the game? Nobody lost interest in this video.

Fans should get explanations to why someone was thrown out. We get that after the game when managers tell the media but why not let us hear the reasoning right after it happens?

If MLB wants to inject more life into this game for the younger audience, like kids and teenagers, have umpires and players mic’d up more.

Thank you to whoever or however this video got “leaked” and I say that loosely because I doubt that it was fully leaked.

Oh and here is the video if you want to see it again.


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