Grayson Allen Getting Drafted Made Haters Louder But Made Should Make Utah Fans Happy

In Thursday night’s draft, Grayson Allen got drafted 21st to the Utah Jazz

A lot of you reading this probably saw that Grayson Allen was drafted to the Jazz. I saw the reaction on Twitter before and after he got drafted and thought to myself…

“why does so many fans and some reports don’t want him on their team?”

Probably because of the tripping incidents, the “immaturity” that people say he has. But obviously that was proven to be wrong, at least to the Jazz last night.

Being a Duke fan, I’ve seen Grayson Allen grow as a player. Coming off the bench as a freshman to help Duke win the National Title, to the tripping incidents, to being a great team leader this past year to a bunch of freshmen, there is no doubt that he has grown as a player.

He may lack on the defensive end of the court, but he makes up for that with his ability to shoot 3’s and driving to the hoop. The Jazz got a great player and pairing him with Donovan Mitchell this years potential Rookie of The Year, is only going to help him more.

Jazz fans should be excited for Allen to come on their team and what he will bring to his team who already made the playoffs last year after losing Gordon Hayward to the Celtics.

The Allen Haters can keep complaining about his maturity but he only has to prove himself to the fans in Utah.

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