Who is Mike Trout?

With the Los Angeles Angels in town to face the Boston Red Sox this week, one thing has occurred to me, the Angles have the best player in baseball an nobody cares about him. Mike Trout just played the 1,000th game of his career he has more home runs at this point in his career then Barry Bonds did, almost as many hits as Pete Rose and better all-around numbers then Ken Griffey Jr. Mike Trout has the potential to be the best baseball player to ever live and nobody knows a thing about the guy.

He did one series of commercials for Subway years ago and that is it. He doesn’t move the needle at all neither ticket sales, nor NESN ratings are up for this series. However, when the Red Sox play the Washington Nationals next week I’d bet a fair amount of money that ratings will be through the roof to watch Bryce Harper he moves the needle, Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge they move the needle.

So I ask why doesn’t Trout? There are many factors, one he’s on an irrelevant team, two he has zero personality, three the league doesn’t market their stars well. It doesn’t help we never see the best player in the game playing under the biggest lights of the Postseason thanks to a run of average team after average team for the Halos. Stanton and Judge are as well known for anything because they wear Pinstripes, and Harper has the personality for attention, Trout has neither and until he gets in a big market nobody will notice him.

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