No Matter What David Price Does, His Legacy In Boston, Will Be Tied To Jon Lester

After David Price imploded against the Yankees last night, Red Sox fans are all over the place. Some are jumping back off the David Price bandwagon, some are still on it and some are in-between right now.

Price got absolutely hammered in his start giving up eight runs and FIVE home runs. He was more than just garbage. But before this start, Price was doing pretty damn solid over his last seven starts. So hope isn’t lost, as it shouldn’t be.

But as the headline reads, no matter what David Price does while he is in Boston, he is always going to be tied to one Jon Lester.

We all know the situation that happened with the Red Sox and Lester. Ownership’s dumb rule of signing pitchers over thirty to long term deals (before Dave Dombrowski came to the Red Sox)

The Red Sox low-balled Lester and then traded him mid season at the deadline to the A’s and Lester finding out what it was like, pitching in another uniform helped seal the deal that he would leave the Red Sox and go to the Cubs who were looking for an ace who could take them to the World Series. The Cubs signed Lester to a six year deal worth hundred and fifty five million dollars with a team option for 2021.

This year? Lester is on the way to be a top contender for his first Cy Young Award. He is 11-2 with a 2.25 ERA. He is on pace to have his best season in a Cubs uniform at his age THIRTY-FOUR season. His best season so far with the Cubs came two years ago when he finished second in the CY voting and went 19-5.

David Price this year? He is now 9-6 with a 4.28 ERA.

David Price has been a mixed bag on the other head. His first couple months in a Red Sox uniform have been horrible, but like his first season here, he seems to find his grove and pitch well in the middle of the season and down the stretch. He even did it last year coming out of the bullpen.

Jared Carrabis says it all the time that Price has been good if you look past the first couple months of the season.

So if you are some one like Tony Massarotti and compare Price and Lester since the start of the 2016 season…well you get this

Yes Price has dealt with injuries which can account for the 82 inning difference, the .084 ERA difference and the record difference, but Price’s numbers could be worse or they could be better. We won’t know.

Oh there’s more from Mass.

You may not like what Massarotti has to say, but numbers don’t lie.

As long as Jon Lester keeps pitching great in Chicago and David Price has these awful outings on the big stage vs. the Yankees or the Astros, he is going to be compared to Jon Lester. Just not stats wise, but how instead of having David Price, the Red Sox could have Jon Lester and Chris Sale.

Another Lester-Price comparison. Since their times with their respective teams, who has won a world series ? Jon Lester and the Cubs.

Don’t let this blog fool you. I very much love David Price. I know he’s going to bounce back from this start and end up pitching well for the Red Sox. But if you asked any Red Sox fan if they rather have him or Jon Lester on this team? You know the answer.

And the Price haters who want him gone? I don’t think he’s going to opt out of his contract after this season. Teams may pay for pitchers, but Price is going to be thirty three in August. What he is getting paid now, he won’t get if he opts out and becomes a free agent.

No matter how hard you want to argue, Jon Lester and David Price’s legacies are going to be tied together as long as they are on their respective teams.

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