New England Patriots Summer Look Ahead at the 2018 Regular Season

Each year many experts go head-to-head to decide who will finish a top their Division and Conference, I will be giving my opinion and reasoning on why I believe the Patriots will win their division and advance to the NFL playoffs.

New England Patriots

Houston- This Matchup will be very challenging for the Patriots since star WR Julian Edelman is out for the first 4 games of the season. The Texans will be hungry from the start due to their not so lucky season last year. Stars such as J.J. Watt, and Deshawn Watson will be returning to Houston’s lineup after both experienced tough injuries. My Prediction- Patriots 24, Houston 20

@Jacksonville- The Jaguars are a very tough and competitive group of players, this is a team that can’t be dealt out, not because of their offense…. But because of the fire power they carry on the other side of the ball…. DEFENSE. My Prediction- Jags 27, Patriots 24

@Detroit- This Matchup for week 3 will be very interesting, I do believe the Patriots take this one home and advance to 2-1 on the season but it won’t be a give me game, Matthew Stafford is a gun slinger with a top 5 WR Duo in Golden Tate and Marvin Jones. With first year head Coach Matt Patricia making calls is where I see them losing, and not because he is an inexperienced Coach but because he was taught by the Legend Bill Belichick. Belichick will know how to up one on Matt Patricia every time he thinks he has the Patriots in the corner. My Prediction- Patriots 31- Lions 24

Miami- Explanation Not Needed. My Prediction- Patriots 35, Dolphins !7

Indianapolis- For me this is a throw up game, although the Patriots have great success against the colts since 2012 I do believe with a healthy Andrew Luck, the Patriots could be in for a Challenge. Either way I believe the Patriots win, but I think Andrew Luck will be out therefore My Predication- Patriots 33, Colts 16

Kansas City- As we all know the Patriots have Struggled against the Chiefs in Kansas City, but, this matchup will headline in Foxboro which automatically gives the Patriots a slight advantage. Second year QB Patrick Mahomes will have many tests as a first-year starter and facing the leagues best team the last decade or so makes this a huge challenge for the young QB. Mahomes will have help on all sides of the ball featuring the Fastest player in the League Tyreek Hill, a very physical and strong player in Sammy Watkins, a young bull in Kareem Hunt, and one of the most well-respected players in the NFL, Eric Berry. My Predication- Patriots 30, Chiefs 20

@Chicago– The Bears are a very young and Inexperienced team with first year head coach Matt Nagy not having a ton to work with. Mitch Trubisky has a promising future if the team can obtain him protection from a strong and powerful defense and a few weapons on the offensive side of the ball. During the offseason the Bears did acquire TE Trey Burton who is coming off a Super Bowl victory and WR Allen Robinson who was once apart of a top 5 WR duo with Allen Hurns in Jacksonville. Until this team improves more I don’t see them surpassing 8 Wins this season. My Prediction- Patriots 33, Bears 16

@Buffalo- The Buffalo Bills did not make a splash this off season and their only hope in their future is Rookie Draft Pick QB Josh Allen who may start the season as a back-up. The New England Patriots are 28-3 Against the Bills since Tom Brady became starter during the 2000 season. My Prediction- Patriots 31, Bills 17

Green Bay- As a Football Fan this is a game you must circle on the Calendar no matter which team you love or represent. Patriot and Packer fans are beginning to despise one another’s organization and fan base all because of one topic…. Who’s the better QB? As you can imagine each team will stand up for their teams QB and be Biased. This is a game both teams and fans want their team to win, this game will feature two of the best QBs in the league, two offenses who are similarly alike and two coaches who are magicians when it comes to coaching the game. I believe this game will come down to the last play, the last seconds of the game to decide the winner of this week 9 matchup. My Prediction- Patriots 34, Packers 31

@Tennessee- As a Patriot fan this is a game I am excited for, not because it’ll be a dog fight but because many Patriot Alums play for their new home, new team, the Tennessee Titans. Logan Ryan, Dion Lewis, Malcolm Butler and coach Mike Vrabel will all be on the opposing sidelines as fans are wishing the departure between the players and Patriots Organization didn’t happen. I believe the titans have many great players to help them be successful, but as of this moment I do not believe QB Marcus Mariota has the talent to beat such a dominate team in the Patriots, and if they want to win they must get their two headed dragon going, Derrick Henry and Dion Lewis, these two backs feature talent that not many teams have, RB Derrick Henry is the biggest RB in the NFL which means he has power, he has energy to kill an inexperienced or young defense. RB Dion Lewis has the ability to run up the middle, run on the outside and is one of the best at finding a hole to slice the defense up for valuable yardage. My Prediction- Patriots 26, Titans 19

@New York Jets- The New York Jets feature one of the worst teams and Rosters in the NFL, unless injuries haunt the Patriots I don’t see the Jets being victorious. My Prediction- Patriots 35, Jets 16

Minnesota- The Vikings Upgraded from an overall C Rated QB in Case Keenum to a B+ in Kirk Cousins, many Believe the Vikings spent way too much to acquire Kirk during the off-season but what these people didn’t see is a QB who can win with very little help, his stats weren’t the best with the Washington Redskins but he also didn’t have much around him. Now in Minnesota, Cousins will be slinging the ball to one of the best WR Duos in the NFL (Stephon Diggs, Adam Thielen) and a top ranked TE in Kyle Rudolph, RB Dalvin Cook is coming off a season ending ACL tear but look for him to open the passing game and flood gates from the start. The Vikings will be a very challenging team for many teams to beat and I think this is a game the Patriots struggle in and the Vikings loaded Defense takes control and wins. My Prediction- Vikings 24, Patriots 21

@Miami- At this point in the season I do believe the Dolphins will find and form some kind of chemistry that will help them win some games but not this one. My Prediction- Patriots 27, Dolphins 14

@Pittsburgh- This is another game that many fans, reporters and announcer’s will circle on their calendars, the Steelers are 0-5 in the last 5 matchups against the Patriots and for 2-5 the Patriots were the underdogs. This is a matchup that is highly anticipated each year for the reason of both teams having major gun power on the offensive side of the ball, so if you like a high offensive game this is one you must watch. These two teams are neck and neck and really in my opinion this is a toss up game, whichever team commits the first mistake or turnover is the team who will most likely go home with tears in their eyes. In recent matchups between these two teams the Steelers have lacked a solid defense, as the years have progressed they have established a strong front and a young and well rounded secondary. I think this game will go into overtime and the Patriots will escape out of Pittsburgh with a win. My Prediction- Patriots 35, Steelers 28

Buffalo– I think the Bills have the same kind of season the Dolphins have, start slow and gradually build a chemistry that simply wins, I think Josh Allen at this point is a starter and is playing well, but not well enough. My Prediction- Patriots 24, Bills 14

New York Jets- Week 17, Game 16, the Patriots are fighting for home field but have already locked up first round bye with a #2 seed and potently #1 seed. They sit some key starters after the first half and beat the jets to secure the #1 seed in the AFC. My prediction- Patriots 21, Jets 20

Patriots finish 14-2, after all they still have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

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