Drew Pomeranz Returned and Stunk The Place Up


So as you all may of know by now, the Yankees have traded for Zach Britton. That stinks. You know what else stinks? Watching Drew Pomeranz pitch. Do you know who just stinks in general? If you were guessing Drew Pomeranz, then you are right!

I don’t know where this guy went wrong. We all loved him last year when he was pitching great. He stepped it up when David Price went down and when Chris Sale struggled.

This year? He has been just awful in every start this season. Yes he has been hurt for most of the year but this guy can’t even get his fastball past 90 mph. That shouldn’t matter because he has the stuff to get through outings with his off speed stuff, but even that hasn’t been working.

When E-Rod went down with the ankle injury, that was big. We don’t know how long he’ll be out for and right now it’s basically a three man rotation. You have Sale, Price and Porcello.

Pomeranz shouldn’t be in this rotation but the Red Sox have no other options right now. Steven Wright is on the DL still. None of your minor league guys are ready. And it’s going to take a few “bullpen games” to stretch out Hector Velazquez. The Red Sox need Brian Johnson to pitch well for them while they figure out the 5th spot in the rotation.

In terms of the trade deadline, Mike Fiers who Frank blogged about being a possible trade option, I think would be a good fit. It would break up the four lefty one right combo that the Red Sox had going into the season and he isn’t having a bad season. He is 7 and 6 with a 3.49 ERA. He is only signed through this year like Pomeranz is so after this year, the Red Sox can watch both of them walk in free agency and revamp their rotation for next year.

I’m just done seeing Pomeranz pitch like crap every time he pitches. Would I want him to get back to the 2017 form? Of course but I don’t see that happening at all. Time to move on from this guy.

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