Brewers Make an Impact By Trading For Mike Moustakas

Breaking #brewers have traded Jorge Lopez and Brett Phillips for Mike Moustakas @Ken_Rosenthal @BrewCrewBall

— Brett (@bucksbrett) July 28, 2018

A big trade made by the Milwaukee Brewers that should scare the Chicago Cubs. Mike Moustakas is having a good year, but not the year he was having last year when he hit 38 home runs and had a .272 batting average. Even so, adding Moustakas and his twenty home runs will give them more depth in the infield and it just adds to their line up that already has guys like

Travis Shaw, Jesus Aguilar, Ryan Braun, Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain.

While the home runs may be down a little bit so far this season, it does give them more power in the middle of the order where I presume Moustakas will be batting. He’ll probably play third base, which actually will shift Travis Shaw for that spot to second base now according to a report I read.

I mean I don’t know how good Shaw is at playing second since he has been playing at third, but I would have to think that the Brewers have had him working over there incase they made a move like this.

And if Shaw is all for it, then that’s great as well. Adding Moustakas will help them stay close to the Cubs and maybe even sneak by them and win the Central by the end of the year. Time will only tell.

As for the prospects given up, Brett Philips has appeared in 15 games this year in the big leagues and has an average of .182, while in the minors he has an average of .240 with 6 home runs. Jorge Lopez has struggled in the minor leagues this year posting a 5.65 ERA in 24 games this year. So both guys aren’t having great years but for a rental like Moustakas it’s not that bad of a deal.

But how bout those Brewers?!

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