Brad Ziegler Has Been Traded To The Diamondbacks

This trade will hep the Dbacks in their pursuit to win the NL West Division title. The prospects coming back to the Marlins are unknown at the time of this writing, but it’s a good get for the Dbacks.

Brad Ziegler had a rough first few months of the season but in his last 28 appearances he has a really really good 0.64 ERA. If he can keep up what he’s been doing over the last 28 appearances, this is going to be a really good addition for the Dbacks. Add him in with Achie Bradley, Brad Boxberger and Hirano, that bullpen can be really good. Maybe even the best bullpen in the National league.

This does cross off a name the Red Sox and the Yankees could of traded for. With Adam Warren getting shipped away yesterday and the Red Sox looking to up grade their bullpen, I don’t care what Dave Dombrowski says, Ziegler won’t have to worry Red Sox and Yankees fans now.

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