Wilson Ramos To The Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies continue to make their team better as they trade for Tampa Bay Rays All-Star catcher Wilson Ramos. We saw last night that the Phillies are a good team as their pitching shut down the Boston Red Sox lineup until the 13th inning.

This moves makes sense and also makes the Phillies better because of what Ramos can bring to the team. For starters he is only 30 years old and is pretty good offensively. This year he has hit 14 home runs and driven in 53 runs to go along with a .297 average. It’s his sixth straight year he has hit more than 10 home runs so it’s a good fit. And he only has 4 errors on the season. The two catchers the Phillies have now, Andrew Knapp and Jorge Alfaro have combined for 11 home runs. So already the trade for Ramos has improved the power they’ll get at the catchers spot.

He is on the DL but is expected to come off soon and he will help this young Phillies team not only in the lineup, but behind the plate as well.

While the Washington Nationals brass believe they can make a run for the division title and the Atlanta Braves also make trades to get better like maybe getting a starting pitcher, the Phillies have improved their offense and defense. Don’t be surprised if the pitching gets even better with Ramos behind the plate calling the game.

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