Ohio St. Places Urban Meyer On Administrative Leave


Flashback a week ago when Urban Meyer and Ohio State held a press conference regarding the firing of former Ohio St. assistant coach Zach Smith, Urban Meyer said he had no knowledge of what Zach Smith had done to his ex wife.

Now if you aren’t familiar with the news like I was because I don’t pay attention to football news until September rolls around here is what happened.

On two separate occasions which occurred in 2009 and 2015, there were investigations of domestic violence against Zach Smith by his ex wife. Long story short, Courtney Smith has basically said that “people near” Urban Meyer knew of the 2015 case against Smith and that his wife knew about the 2009 investigation. She also says that Urban knew about the 2015 case but didn’t do anything to help her.

In her words she said that “I do believe he knew and instead he chose to help the abuser and enable the abuser and believe whatever story Zach was telling everybody”

Here is the espn article

Flash forward to today on the day where all of this information had come out Meyer has been placed on administrative leave.

Now I’ve always like Meyer since his days coaching Tim Tebow at Florida and he is by far one of the greatest college football coaches in they history of the game. But this is a bad look for both the NCAA and Ohio St. It’s no secret that we all are living in a new “ERA”. I’ll call it that because I don’t know how else to say it. In the #Metoo era people are being held more accountable and more responsible for their actions towards women.

100 percent that is the way it should be. It’s been long enough that women who have been abuse emotional or physically have sit by and let these people make them feel bad about themselves. If the person is guilty and there is proof behind it, they deserve what is coming to them.

That being said Urban Meyer knowing about the 2015 case against one of his coaches and him not taking any action against him and letting him remain on his staff until just a few days ago when all of this started to come out is awful and a bad look for him, his family and the college. His wife knew about it and if you look at the text messages between Shelley (Urban’s wife) and Courtney, you’ll see she knew what was going on. Maybe ten years ago if this happened Meyer would probably only be suspended for a few games but we saw how Joe Paterno’s legacy was tarnish with him knowing what was going on with Jerry Sandusky.

Smith must of been a heck of a coach if Meyer knew this and kept him on his staff. That being said, I’m not going to post the pictures on this blog but those pictures are basically the proof needed to be like “yeah this guy is a piece of shit.”

So Urban Meyer is now on leave, and if somehow and I say that very lightly because I don’t think Courtney Smith is making this up by any stretch of the imagination, but if it’s not true then Ohio St should bring Meyer back into the fold. But again I think this is all true and if he actually knew what was going on and it sounds like he did, Urban Meyer should be fired from being the head coach at Ohio St.

Maybe if a few years a college will say “yeah lets hire Urban to coach our football team” but as of right now, he needs to be fired. I like the guy but he needs to go. And the storm that will be coming to Ohio St. if they don’t some how get rid of Meyer, will be huge. It will hang over the college for years if they don’t get rid of him.

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