Jerry Remy Diagnosed With Cancer Again

Some awful news coming out from Boston today, and it’s that Jerry Remy has been diagnosed with cancer again. This news sucks because Jerry had beaten cancer a number of times before, so this news is terrible.

As I said before Jerry has beaten it a bunch of times before hand (5-0), so I’m hopeful that he’ll get out ahead of it again like he did last time. I think it was 2008 when he first got diagnosed and he recently had it again a few years ago, yet he still fought and won those battles. This will be his sixth time battling cancer.

Jerry is loved by just about everyone in Red Sox Nation, along with everyone in the clubhouse and management.

Prayers to Jerry and his family as he takes on yet another battle, and here’s hoping he kicks cancers ass and is back in the booth for the 2019 season. Everyone is keeping you in their prayers.

Jerry, you got everyone in Red Sox Nation behind you.






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