Assessing the NFL’s Quarterback situations

A big topic every year during the NFL Preseason is how each team is set up at the Quarterback position. So let’s divide the 32 teams into categories on how they are set up for the now and future at the position.

Category Key:
Hopeless: Not set up for the present or future
Lookout: Setup for the short term but not long-term
Hold your breath: Reliable QB, but if he get’s hurt the team is in trouble
Ideal: Young QB, Veteran Backup, or Veteran QB, Young Backup
Golden: The Philadelphia Eagles

Category One: Hopeless

Denver Broncos: Starter: Case Keenum, Backup: Paxton Lynch, 3rd String: Chad Kelly.
This team was caught with its pants down when Peyton Manning retired, draft picks Trevor Simenon and Lynch weren’t the answer. To the point where they went out and gave Keenum a 2yr/36 million dollar contract. Keenum coming off a career year that was an anomaly he’s a career backup who caught lightning in a bottle. Lynch is a bust, Kelly might not make the team

Miami Dolphins: Starter: Ryan Tannehill, Backup: Brock Osweiler, 3rd String: Bryce Petty, 4th String: David Fales.
Time has shown Tannehill is not what the Dolphins thought he would be, over the past two seasons Osweiler has been arguably the worse QB in football, Petty never amounted to anything with the Jets, and I’m not going to lie I never heard of Fales until I looked at their depth chart.

Cincinnati Bengals: Starter: Andy Dalton, Backup: Matt Barkley, 3rd String: Jeff Driskel, 4th string: Logan Woodside.
Dalton is the worst QB in NFL Playoff history if you go by QBR, Barkley is another USC QB bust who will be on his 5th team in 6 years. Driskel and Woodside are irrelevant.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Starter: Blake Bortles, Backup: Cody Kessler, 3rd String: Tanner Lee.
Bortles is the only thing keeping this Jaguars team from being the Super Bowl favorite. Kessler one of the many failed names in Cleveland this century, Lee a 6th round pick out of Nebraska that has no expectations.


New England Patriots: Starter: Tom Brady, Backup: Brian Hoyer, 3rd String: Danny Etling
Brady the reigning league MVP coming off a 505-yard performance in Super Bowl 51 still the best QB in the league at age 41. We all know time is running out on Brady, Brian Hoyer is “OK” if you need him to play no more then 2 games. He’s in no way shape or form a long-term answer at the spot, neither is 7th round pick LSU QB, Danny Etling.

New Orleans Saints: Starter: Drew Brees, Backup: Tom Savage, 3rd String: Taysom Hill, 4th String: J.T. Barrett
Much like the Patriots, this team is running out of time with their all-time great QB. Savage submarined the Texans last year, Hill was on the practice squad of the Packers a year ago, Barrett an undrafted free agent whose best days were in college for Urban Meyer at Ohio State.

Los Angeles Chargers: Starter: Philip Rivers, Backup: Geno Smith, 3rd String: Cardle Jones, 4th String: Nic Shimonek
Rivers is running out of time himself, hard to believe that all of the 2004 QB class are north of 35. We all know Geno Smith is no long-term plan, Jones and Shimonek might no be on the Week One Roster.

New York Giants: Starter: Eli Manning, Backup: Davis Webb, 3rd String, Kyle Lauletta, 4th String: Alex Tanney
Manning, who was benched last year is not what he once was, but he’s still serviceable, Webb and Lauletta were each mid-round picks and Tanney has been on 8 teams in his 6-year career.

Hold your breath

Minnesota Vikings: Starter: Kirk Cousins, Backup: Trevor Siemian, 3rd String: Kyle Sloter, 4th String: Peter Pujals 
Cousins the big offseason signing in the NFL, if he goes down the Vikings are done Siemian is not a starting QB, Sloter and Pujals probably won’t be on the team.

San Francisco 49ers: Starter: Jimmy Garoppolo, Backup C.J. Bethard, 3rd String, Nick Mullens, 4th String: Jack Heneghan
The 49ers got Garoppolo for an absolute steal from the New England Patriots last trade deadline. Another situation where if the starter goes down, the team will be sent up the river.

Washington Redskins: Starter: Alex Smith, Backup: Colt McCoy, 3rd String: Kevin Hogan
The 33-year old Smith is a QB who can keep you in the race for sure, but with two below average backups behind him the Redskins need Smith to stay healthy.

Seattle Seahawks: Starter: Russell Wilson, Backup: Austin Davis, 3rd String: Alex McGough
Wilson last year silenced any doubts left that he’s not an elite QB. Wilson is the only thing keeping this team from irrelevancy.

Houston Texans: Starter: Deshaun Watson, Backup: Brandon Weeden, 3rd String: Joe Webb, 4th String: Stephen Morris
I don’t need to say anything about this just look at last year for this team, and somehow Weeden is a downgrade from Tom Savage.

Los Angeles Rams: Starter: Jared Goff, Backup: Sean Mannion, 3rd String: Brandon Allen, 4th String: Luis Perez
Goff the most improved player in the league last year, the Rams might have the most complete top to bottom roster in the league. However, if Goff goes down they are in trouble

Green Bay Packers: Starter: Aaron Rodgers, Backup: Deshone Kizer, 3rd String: Brett Hundley, 4th String: Tim Boyle.
Another one where Rodgers who isn’t exactly like his predecessor in terms of health must stay on the field. Kizer and Hundley went a combined 3-25 last year.

Oakland Raiders: Starter: Derek Carr, Backup: EJ Manuel, 3rd String: Connor Cook
Carr went down a year ago and it ruined the Raiders season, Manuel is well below average, Cook has never played meaningful time in the league. Gruden needs his QB healthy or he’s porked.

Dallas Cowboys: Starter: Dak Prescott, Backup Cooper Rush, 3rd String: Mike White, 4th String: Dalton Strum
The Cowboys need their starter to have any shot at being competitive. Period.

Indianapolis Colts: Starter: Andrew Luck, Backup: Jacoby Brissett, 3rd String: Brad Kaaya, 4th String: Philip Walker
Again just look at those names after Luck, who’s anything but reliable.

Carolina Panthers: Starter: Cam Newton, Backup: Garrett Gilbert, 3rd String: Taylor Heinicke, 4th string: Kyle Allen
No words needed, Cam or bust.

Tennessee Titans: Starter: Marcus Mariota, Backup: Blaine Gabbert, 3rd String: Luke Falk
Mariota took a step back last year, but that team needs him to have any shot of success.

Atlanta Falcons: Starter: Matt Ryan, Backup: Matt Schaub, 3rd string: Garrett Grayson, 4th string: Kurt Benkert
Schaub a two-time Pro-Bowler is a shell of his former self so the Falcons need 16 games from Ryan.

Detroit Lions: Starter: Matthew Stafford, Backup: Matt Cassel, 3rd string: Jake Rudock
Cassel is not the player who led the Patriots to an 11-5 mark and the Chiefs to the playoffs so the Lions need Stafford on the field each down.


New York Jets: Starter: Sam Darnold, Backup: Josh McCown, 3rd String: Teddy Bridgewater
The 3rd overall pick in this years Draft, Darnold appears to be earmarked for the Jets job. McCown the perfect veteran to learn from in meetings and on gameday.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Starter: Jameis Winston, Backup: Ryan Fitzpatrick, 3rd String: Ryan Griffin, 4th String: Austin Allen
Winston about to enter his 4th year in the league will miss the first three games, Fitzpatrick the smartest player in NFL History is the perfect fill in for him.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Starter: Ben Roethlisberger, Backup: Mason Rudolph, 3rd String: Landry Jones, 4th String: Joshua Dobbs
The situation in reverse the veteran QB approaching the end in Roethlisberger, and the 3rd round pick succession plan in Rudolph.

Baltimore Ravens: Starter: Joe Flacco, Backup: Robert Griffin III, 3rd String: Lamar Jackson, 4th String: Josh Woodrum
While RG3 might be the backup this year this is about Flacco and Jackson very much like the Steelers, the Ravens have the veteran approaching the end and the young high draft pick in Jackson.

Buffalo Bills: Starter: A.J. McCarron, Backup: Josh Allen, 3rd String: Nathan Peterman
McCarron will finally get a shot to start and the veteran who’s been on the bench for four years has shown promise in his brief tenures as a starter. Allen the 1st round pick will learn under him and eventually take over.

Arizona Cardinals: Starter: Sam Bradford, Backup: Josh Rosen, 3rd String: Mike Glennon, 4th string: Chad Kanoff
Bradford the veteran over Rosen the rookie, odds are Bradford will get hurt and Rosen will be the starter by the end of the year.

Chicago Bears: Starter: Mitchell Trubisky, Backup: Chase Daniel, 3rd String: Tyler Bray
The young man as the starter, the veteran backup.

Kansas City Chiefs: Starter: Patrick Mahomes, Backup: Chad Henne, 3rd String: Matt McGloin, 4th string: Chase Litton.
Mahomes will get his chance and the steady veteran backup in Henne.

Cleveland Browns: Starter Tyrod Taylor, Backup: Baker Mayfield, 3rd String: Drew Stanton, 4th String: Brogan Roback
I can’t believe this but the Cleveland Browns have the ideal situation, the steady veteran starter in Taylor, and the rookie backup Mayfield.


Philadelphia Eagles: Starter: Carson Wentz, Backup: Nick Foles, 3rd round: Nate Sudfield, 4th String: Christan Hackenberg, 5th string: Joe Callahan
I mean it doesn’t get much better than having the man who was going to win league MVP until his injury, and the man who won Super Bowl MVP as you’re two QBs.

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