I Got Issues With Jalen Ramsey: Have Better Takes

I was going to start my coverage of Lions football today with a season predictor of what their record will be. I was going to run through every opponent and see what record they would come out with. But Jalen Ramsey caught my attention.

Over the past few days since his suspension a week ago, for going on a rant about the media members, he’s been giving hot takes left and right about the quarterbacks in the National Football League.

Here is a little of the run down of what he said about the quarterbacks.

Josh Allen= “He’s trash”

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers = “Doesn’t suck”

Matthew Stafford= “He’s straight”

Matt Ryan= “Overrated”

Big Ben= “Decent at best”

What is this guy on?? Matt Stafford is not “straight”, which I assume means he’s neither good nor bad, Big Ben is a damn good quarterback, Tom Brady may be the greatest quarterback of all time. Josh Allen hasn’t even thrown a regular season pass yet. Matt Ryan almost won a Super Bowl two years ago and as much as i hate the guy, Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback.

Yeah his Jags defense was the best defense in the national football league last year but to come out and say awful takes like this? Don’t get me wrong, he can say whatever he wants to say, it’s his right. But at least have better takes then this. I mean come on, have some smarts before you open your mouth.

And what I love about this is that he said Colin Kaepernick could even be better then some of the first string starters that teams have now. Kaepernick in my opinion isn’t a great quarterback. He’s not better then Matt Stafford, he’s not better then Big Ben or Matt Ryan and most certainly isn’t on the same level as Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers.

I can’t wait until Tom Brady carves him up in week 2.


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