Dwyane Wade Announces This Season Is His “One Last Dance”

Ever since the Heat were bounced from the playoffs this past year by the Sixers, everyone in Miami, myself included, have been wondering if Dwyane Wade would return for another season. With a month or so left before the regular season starts, we finally have his answer. And it’s a yes.

He talks about the loss of a close friend that happened a few years ago, as well as giving a recap about his early playing days and how he gave everything he has to this game he loves. Wade also talks about being a father and a husband. He finally ends the video with announcing that season 16 is going to be his last dance.

I’ve loved watching him play for the Heat over the course of his career and while the season is long, you damn well believe that this season is going to go by fast for everyone in Miami and Wade himself.

Luckily we’ll get to see his final season play out and if it ends with one last chance in the playoffs or ends with game 82, it’s going to be special because like all of the greats, he deserves a sendoff.

He’ll go down as one of the bests shooting guards to ever play and one of the greatest overall players this game has seen.

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