Patriots Go Patriot, Get One of The Most Talented Wide Receivers In The Game

I mean did anyone really think the New England Patriots weren’t going to get Josh Gordon once reports came out that a deal was close? By no means do I hate the Patriots as the rest of the NFL world does, but they’ve got to give the rest of the league a chance.

First off, he becomes the top wideout on that roster until Julian Edelman returns from his suspension. And even then theres a good chance that Edelman will fall behind Gordon and Gronk as Tom Brady’s top target.

Getting Gordon for a FIFTH rounder and maybe a seventh rounder is a steal. I don’t care if he hasn’t played in much games over the past two or three years. When he’s in his right mind and healthy, he’s is one of the best receivers in the game and the Cleveland Browns still couldn’t make the Pats give up like maybe a third rounder??

Here is the ONLY kicker that has me annoyed the most.

The Browns couldn’t wait a week at least to do this? So I have to watch Gordon burn my defensive backs not named Darius Slay next Sunday night? Great news.

So to recap

Good get by the Patriots getting this talented guy for just a fifth rounder.

Bad move by the Browns for only getting a fifth rounder.

Josh Gordon is healthy enough to play next Sunday vs the Lions-awful news

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