Week 3: Lions Stun Patriots In Detroit

Week 3 of the 2018 NFL season was full of upsets. Like the Bills beating the Vikings, Titans beating the Jags and the Lions beating the Pats.

Now last nights game showcased a way different team then what Lions fans saw the past two weeks. The defense was actually good and by some miracle somewhere out in the universe, the Lions had their first 100 yard rusher since the 2013 season in the name of Kerryon Johnson. He even split carries with Blount last night, 16 apiece and he showcased what he could do.

While everyone agrees that Johnson should  get more carries, I think splitting it with Blount for now is the way to go. Ease him into a heavy work load.

The past 4 and a half years since the Lions had a 100 yard rusher, this offense relied all on Matt Stafford. People don’t give this guy enough credit, unless you’re in Detroit, of just how good he is. When he had the bad game against the Jets, all Stephen A Smith could tweet about was how Stafford was one of the biggest paid QB’s in the NFL and was basically overrated. It bothers me that a guy like Stafford who is the reason the Lions could get to a respectable record over the past few years, get so much hate. I mean he went almost 70 games without a running game! When a team doesn’t have a running game, it’s hard to pull off play actions and it’s hard to throw the ball almost every time down the field.

So if the Lions can do what they did last night over the rest of the season, they can win any game they play. No one thought they were going to beat the Pats and they did.

Vegas even had the line at 7 for the Patriots. They looked like a different team in so many aspects of the game last night, I didn’t know if what I was watching was a dream or real life. The defense was good, the offense barely stalled out. The Lions put up drives that took a huge chunk out of the clock drive after drive. The Lions needed a game like this last night. From Kenny Golladay’s and Marvin Jones touchdown, to Darius Slay’s Int off of Brady late in the fourth and the crowd going insane  when they noticed Johnson broke 100 yards, it was everything this team needed. I don’t want to hear the excuses of key members of the Pats being hurt last night, or Tom Brady basically having only one target all night which was Gronk. A win in the NFL is a win. Doesn’t matter how it happens. Especially if it’s against Tom Brady and the Pats.

Next week the Lions go to Dallas to take on a team that isn’t playing its best right now. I’m looking forward to see if the Lions can capitalized on this huge win and keep the momentum going.

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