Bullpen Holds On For A 5-4 Red Sox Victory In Game 1

Last night was fun right? Right? Yeah okay so it wasn’t all fun because of the bullpen, but a win is a win and we need two more in this series.

So who’s feeling good about the bullpen? Honestly I thought I was going to die, throw up, and faint all through the last three and two thirds in last nights game. It was a roller coaster that wasn’t fun from the 6th inning on. Sale had a good outing putting the Red Sox in a great position to win game one. Luckily they were still able to pull out game one, which was a big one.

It’s no secret that all eyes are going to be on David Price tonight. Price hasn’t been able to pitch a good game in the playoffs as a starter. He showed last year of the pitcher he could be coming out of the bullpen, so if that David Price shows up tonight, everyone in Boston will finally get on the Price train. It would be an added bonus as well if the good outing came against the Yankees to push the Red Sox to a 2-0 series lead.

Now if Price doesn’t have a good start and he has to come out of the game in say the third inning like JA Happ did last night with the Yankees, I don’t see this bullpen pulling this game out. Getting eleven outs last night was stressful enough, imagine them trying to get twenty outs? That’s not ideal with this bullpen.

The key, just like last night is to get in front of the Yankees early on. J.D started the game with a bang giving the Red Sox a 3-0 lead at the time by hitting a home run and that gave momentum to the Red Sox early on. Tonight they need to score first, to get even the slightest pressure off of Price.

Also, if the Red Sox could score some runs off the Yankees bullpen, that would be huge. It would of helped everyone’s stress level last night,so if they could do that tonight when they get to it, that would be great.

Game two is tonight at 8. Buckle up because if it’s either David Price or the bullpen, we’re in for another stressful night. Hopefully I’m wrong.

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