Pressure Is On David Price Tonight To Finally Prove He Can Pitch In The Postseason

I didn’t want to be the guy or one of the guys who put up blog talking about how much importance this start tonight for David Price means for him, but here I am. I let last nights loss sink in a little bit and slept on it.

I woke up thinking the same thing I was thinking when I went to bed last night. Awful showing by the Red Sox. Chris Sale was off and didn’t look right, the bats no showed, Nunez’s defense was put to question again then wasn’t? After he made a great play later on in the game after he botched a double play ball and let a ball that was ruled a hit, go underneath his glove in the second. At this point Cora has to go with Devers at third base because of the power he has and because Nunez has been playing inconsistently at third. Hell, in the late innings go Holt at third and Kinsler at second.

That game last night wasn’t out of reach for the Red Sox until the ninth, but it felt like they were down by ten the whole game. Hopefully that changes tonight and  it all starts with David Price.

Price had a bad outing vs. the Yankees last round and he can’t let himself have another one of those outings against the Astros. Not only is this outing important for him, it’s important for the Red Sox. They can’t go to Houston down 2-0 in this series. They have to win tonight. If they don’t they have to go to Houston and take two out of three. I don’t think that’ll happen, so for the Red Sox to give themselves some breathing room and to assure them they only have to win on game on the road to get back to Fenway, David Price has to pitch the game of his life.

And when I say the game of his life, I mean something along the line of six innings pitched, one run, one walk and eight strikeouts. He can’t be bad tonight. He needs to find the David Price who sent the Red Sox home in the 2008 ALCS. He needs to find the David Price who the Red Sox signed to a $217 million dollar contract. He needs to be the David Price we all know he can be.

Oh and Mookie Betts and Benny need to show up tonight as well.

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