Lions Jump To .500 With Win in Miami

All the talk of the Bears running away with the division, at least in Chicago, is gone after week 7. Because the Bears fell to 3-3 the same record the Lions have and thanks to the Lions only division win against the Packers, they own the current tiebreaker. Now with that being said, it was obvious from week one that not one team was going to run away the division and to this week that is still true and will stay true the rest of the season.

The Lions rushed for almost 250 yards and just ran through the defense of the Dolphins. Which is finally a thing. Kerryon Johnson is the running back the Lions have been searching fo. He had more than half of those yards, and was one of the main reasons why the Lions won Sunday.

Matt Stafford only threw twenty-two times I believe and it made him that much better. Stafford was great when he had no running game over the past few years but now if the running game can stick around? He can finally burst into that top tier of QB’s that no analyst seems to want to put him in.

Which means Stafford has to start leading the Lions to the playoffs and playoff wins. Sitting at 3-3, the Lions are right in the spot they should be in, and with their current slate of games coming up, these next few games are important. First is this week vs. Seattle, then they head to face the Vikings, then to Chicago, back home vs. the Panthers and for Thanksgiving, a match up vs. the Bears. So these next five games are important. Three out of the five are in the division which will go a long way to seeing if the Lions can avoid a so-so season and have a chance in the playoffs.

The defense needs to get better and luckily it looks like on a week to week basis it is. I don’t want to say they are amazing, because they have been up and down this whole season, look at the Packers and Pats games to see how good they were, then look at the Jets and Cowboys games to see the bad side.

It starts this weekend with the Seahawks.

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