Digging In – UFC Flyweight Division

As is customary with regards to those at Buckingham Palace, there was a changing of the guard in the UFC Flyweight Division at UFC 227 when Henry Cejudo dispatched 11-time defending Champion Demetrious Johnson by the slimmest of margins. Now with Cejudo looking to get a shot at Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw, there is a logjam at the top. Currently, Demetrious Johnson is out with an injury and will not be able to fight for the belt anytime soon. But let me tell you this if Demetrious Johnson does not get a shot at the title as soon as he’s healthy then the Flyweight division will be in shambles and might get dissolved.

Champion: Henry Cejudo

Henry Cejudo was able to complete the impossible at UFC 227, he was able to beat a prime of his career, correct weight class, dynamic and healthy Demetrious Johnson inside five rounds. Previously, Cejudo was defeated by Johnson at UFC 197 by absolute destruction, and he was able to silence his demons and take the gold in a close and competitive fight. The crazy thing about Cejudo is that this gold belt is probably his second biggest achievement in his career, as he owns an Olympic Gold Medal in Freestyle Wrestling at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. Cejudo’s next fight will either be TJ Dillashaw if DJ cannot compete anytime soon or Demetrious Johnson for the Trilogy.


Demetrious Johnson: DJ is the shining example of what a Mixed Martial Artist should be, he is humble in victory, upfront in defeat, competitive by nature and always evolving. His performances such as his Flying Armbar finish over Ray Borg or his last-second submission victory over Kyoji Horiguchi have made him a much watch fighter in my book. As former Champion he defeated Joseph Benavidez, John Dodson, John Moraga, Joseph Benavidez again, Ali Bagautinov, Chris Cariaso, Kyoji Horiguchi, John Dodson again, Henry Cejudo, Tim Elliott, Wilson Reis, and Ray Borg and recently lost his belt via a very close split decision to former challenger Henry Cejudo. Even with the loss, I still consider Demetrious Johnson one of the top three MMA Fighters of all time, along with Georges St. Pierre and Daniel Cormier. DJ is currently out on medical suspension and should get the next shot at the title if there is any righteousness in the world.


Joseph Benavidez:¬†Benavidez might go down as one of the best fighters ever to never win a UFC title as he has lost to Johnson twice and his most recent performance against Sergio Pettis didn’t make him look like a future champion. However, Benavidez does have a win over Current Champion Henry Cejudo on his resume so if he gets on a nice winning streak and Cejudo is able to retain his belt, he might get one more shot at UFC Gold. Benavidez is expected to take on a very determined Ray Borg at UFC Fight Night Denver.

Jussier Formiga: It took a while for Formiga to get on a roll like the one he is on right now, defeating Ulka Sasaki and Ben Nguyen by Submissions and Recently at UFC 229, Formiga was able to dispatch Sergio Pettis and send him back up to Bantamweight. With Demetrious Johnson as Champion, Formiga would be the easy favorite to get the next title shot at DJ, however, Cejudo is the current champion and Formiga has fallen victim to the Log Jam. I believe that Jussier Formiga vs. Deiveson Figueiredo would be a great fight to raise the stock of the winner far enough to garner a title shot.

Ray Borg: Ray Borg has had a terrible 2018, His fight at UFC 223 scheduled against Brandon Moreno was canceled after glass shards were caught in his eye during #McGregorGarbageCanBrokenBusWindowGate and his newborn child has had health complications since his birth. He recently lost to Demetrious Johnson in his title shot at UFC 216 but with a few more consecutive wins, he could earn another shot at the title.

Flyweight Prospects:

Deiveson Figueiredo: The Alcantara Bros’ Protege had gone on a tear through some of the toughest the Flyweight Division has to offer in Jarred Brooks and Joseph Morales, and just when I thought he’d falter, he finishes former title challenger John Moraga. This guy may take the title one day and I could see him competing at a high level at Bantamweight as well.


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