The Red Sox Offense Scores 8 Runs Against The Dodgers To Take Game 1 in The World Series

And just like that the Boston Red Sox are three more wins away from winning the 2018 World Series. I’m not going to get ahead of myself because the Red Sox need three more wins and this was a very tight game until Nunez blasted the game wide open with his clutch three run home run. I’ll get into that more later on in this blog. Taking game one in a series, especially the World Series is important at least in my opinion. Now while there is still pressure on David Price in game two even though he pitched a great game in the ALCS clincher, he can go ahead and pitch knowing that the Red Sox aren’t in trouble of going down two games to zero if he has a bad start, and I think that takes some pressure off of him.

Chris Sale started off looking pretty good in the beginning of the game but as the game wore on, he got into a lot of deep counts with batters, which drove his pitch count up. I think it’s safe to say we aren’t going to get the Chris Sale that dominated baseball from April to July this year. He’s gone through a lot over the past week or so, being in the hospital, and trying to still come back from the shoulder injury, so don’t be surprised if he doesn’t find that early season form whenever he starts his next game. But from what he got from Sale tonight, it was better then what the Dodgers got from Clayton Kershaw who also didn’t have it. Five runs over four plus innings from Kershaw? That’s always a win when you can get five runs from him.

The bullpen for the Red Sox was great tonight just like it has been in the postseason. Matt Barnes did allow a run to score that was charged to Sale, but he kept the damage to low and did his job. Ryan Braiser struggled a bit tonight, letting one run score but other then that, he made the pitches he needed to make to get out of his jam. Joe Kelly looked great and I’m not sure why Alex Cora didn’t go another inning with him, but I learned through this season and postseason not to second guess Alex Cora’s decisions. Nathan Eovaldi looked great as well in the eighth, bridging the way to the closer in the ninth. Let me tell you something, if Craig Kimbrel figured his shit out and it sure looks like he has, look out. We managed to get through the ALDS and ALCS with a bad Kimbrel. And now we have a great Craig Kimbrel in the World Series? He picked a great time to comeback and return to form.

This game got off to a hot start in the bottom of the first after Andrew Beinintendi knocked in Mookie with the first of his four hits, three of which would come off of Kershaw. J.D. Martinez followed that up with a single of his own to make it a two to nothing game. The Dodgees would tie it in the middle innings thanks to a large part to Manny Machado.

It wasn’t two to two for long as J.D. once again knocked in Steve Pearce after he hustled it out to break up what would of been a inning-ending double play. After the Dodgers tied it up at three all, the Red Sox would get the bases loaded in the bottom of the 5th inning. They wouldn’t waste that opportunity as they scored two runs to make it a five to three game.

As I said before, Braiser would give up one run in the seventh to make it a one-run game. That would hold only half an inning later as Eduardo Nunez (pitch hitting for Devers) had probably the biggest hit of his career, sending a pitch over the monster for a three-run home run. This would put the stamp on game one and made the rest of the game a little easier to watch.

With game one in the books, the Red Sox are up 1-0 in the series and need only three more to win the World Series. David Price goes tonight and after his last start, this guy has to have all the confidence in the world. And he should as he has a chance to send the Red Sox to LA up two games to nothing. He came here to win a World Series and he has his chance to get the Red Sox halfway there with a good outing. Not one person will boo Price tonight.

Red Sox 1-0 lead over the Dodgers.

Game 2 tonight

Lets Get It.

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