Red Sox Comeback From 4-0 Score Late To Take A 3-1 Series Lead

I mean last nights game. What a game. We already went over many times that this team is something special and yet last night they continued to prove that true. Before we get to the game, we got a little preview for game five after the game from Alex Cora. He told the media that David Price is starting game five tonight. David Price has the chance to clinch the World Series. The guy who never won a postseason game coming into this season, now has a chance to end it with three wins. Lets go.

Now moving onto the game. It was a bit frustrating watching this game because while E-Rod was pitching a hell of a game, the Red Sox offense couldn’t get any hits to save their life. I think they had one hit through six innings. Thank god for Mitch Moreland who came up BIG with a three run home run. This may of well given the Red Sox all the momentum. Because in the eighth inning the Red Sox tied it up heading into the 9th.

Thanks to Devers, the Red Sox finally broke through and took the lead in the ninth inning.  Steve Pearce had the big hit that opened the game up.

Again, after this the Red Sox didn’t look back as they ended the ninth scoring four more runs, taking a nine to four lead into the bottom of the inning. It got a little shaky with Kimbrel at the end, giving up two runs to make it a three-run game, but he was able to get through his struggles just like he has been all postseason and shut the door for a three to one series lead.

This was a pretty great game. Coming off a seven hour and twenty minute game the night before, both teams looked  a little tired to start the game, but they both kicked it into high gear and put on a great game. Look for tonight to be no different as Kershaw and Price goes tonight.

Oh and shoutout to Chris Sale who got on his teammates and yelled at them in the seventh to get their shit together and start hitting the ball like they know they can. Even though he isn’t healthy and starting game five tomorrow, he’s still being the leader of the pitching staff. Gotta love Chris Sale.

Red Sox got one more game to win. Lets hope they get it done tonight. Well… they will. It’s over after tonight. Book it.

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