Lions Trade WR Golden Tate To Eagles For A Third Round Pick.

If someone told me that Sunday’s game vs the Seahawks, a game were the Lions played awful by the way, was going to be Tate’s last game with the team I would of said no that’s crazy.

Earlier in the week there were rumors of the Patriots maybe trying to trade for a top wide out like Tate because of the concerns they had with Josh Gordon. Well it wasn’t the Patriots who traded for Tate, it was the Philadelphia Eagles. In the trade the Lions got a third rounder for Tate and honestly I don’t know if I like this move. It confuses me because the Lions are only a game out of the top spot in the division at three and four. People around the NFL were saying that the Lions maybe had the top trio of wide receivers in the league. And just last week, Bob Quinn made a trade to get a top run stopper Damon Harrison for only a fifth round pick. Clearly Quinn thinks this team can still win the division and they can, no doubt. So why trade Golden Tate?

First thing that comes to mind is that the Lions had no intention of re-signing him after this season. It makes sense if the Lions weren’t going to resign Tate after this season. They couldn’t agree to a contract in the pre-season so things were up in the air and as the season progressed, the contract extension was even more up in the air. So I can see why Bob Quinn would make this trade.

Another reason that comes to mind is the emergence of Kenny Golladay. In his second year, Golladay has proven he can be a very good NO.2 receiver, with shades of being a one. So maybe that’s why Quinn did this trade. Golladay is under contract for a few more years at a cheaper rate then what Tate would be if he signed an extension. With that being said, trading away Tate takes a hit to not only the offense but the entire locker room, which is what Chris Burke said as one of his points to why it’s a head scratcher of a trade.

So we’ll see how the locker room responds but a majority of the fans aren’t happy. Sunday was a bad game and teams have those types of games, so how this week in practice following the trade goes will tell us the story. Maybe the Lions will make another trade because it was reported that they restructured Marvin Jones contract to save $2.2 million dollars. As of now the trade deadline is only forty minutes away.

Not a fan of this trade, even though it makes sense for the future.

Golden Tate

Good luck in Philly.

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