Yankees Have Reported Interest Adding Bryce Harper To Play First Base

I love Bryce Harper. Ever since he came into the league I have backed Bryce during his highs and his lows, especially this year when he had a terrible first half batting average wise. Then he picked it up after the All Star break and everyone was on the Bryce train again.

But this? I will not tolerate. The Yankees have NO NEED for another big bat in their lineup. And it’s not me saying that because I don’t want to hate Bryce. It’s facts. Logical facts. What happened in the playoffs this year? the Yankees downfall was their pitching. They didn’t have a reliable starter to turn to.

Severino? He didn’t pitch that well. He threw four good innings in the Wild Card game and four so-so innings vs. the Red Sox in the ALDS. C.C. who is coming back for his last season with the Yankees, didn’t pitch that well. He got through not even three innings in his start? What about JA Happ? The guy who they traded for at the deadline? Didn’t make it that far in the first game vs. the Red Sox. Tanaka was the only starter to pitch good in that series. He went five innings allowing one run on three hits.

They hit the most home runs ever last season. What more offense do you need?! And if they need anything on the offense side, they need someone who can hit with two outs. Because look what the Red Sox did with two outs. More than half of their runs came with two outs in the inning. The Yankees need someone who doesn’t really hit for home runs, but can also poke the ball to left field to start a two out rally. Yeah anyone in that lineup can do it, but half of them try to hit the ball to the moon.

They have no problem beefing up their bullpen, so if the Yankees were smart, they wouldn’t go for Bryce and focus on their starting staff. And yeah the Yankees could probably trade Stanton somehow and then get Bryce and a starter but they could add two really good pitchers from free agency with the money they have. Maybe Kluber via trade and signing Patrick Corbin?

The Yankees adding Bryce Harper would suck yes. I would have to hate him and he would have to shave that amazing beard of his. You wanna see how Bryce looks with a clean face?


Image result for bryce harper clean shaving

He doesn’t look normal! He needs the beard and I need to not hate Bryce Harper. Please Bryce, think about me and your beard.

Don’t sign with the Yankees.

Stay Pretty.

Image result for bryce harper beard

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