Legit Nothing Makes Sense – UFC Flyweight Controversy

When I first caught wind of the Ben Askren and Demetrious Johnson trade with One FC I thought “well damn Flyweight is really weak right now” and with Cejudo at the helm and looking to take on TJ Dillashaw for the Bantamweight Title, Flyweight didn’t really have an enticing leader at the helm. I heard some people talking about the UFC possibly closing the division a few months ago. Notably, Dominick Cruz expected the division to be closed and called it out before the DJ trade even took place. In theory, I believed that the idea of closing the division was all smoke and mirrors. Hell, the Women’s Featherweight Division doesn’t even have 15 fighters let alone a top 15.

This is, in my opinion, as a man of shorter stature, a shot to the balls of every short MMA fan out there. People like Demetrious Johnson helped show the world that short guys are awesome, and now the UFC is pretty much saying “Nah, you’re not”. Sure, Demetrious Johnson wasn’t a massive star and didn’t end up making the UFC GSP, Conor or Anderson Silva money, but no one can discredit his skills in the octagon as a Mixed Martial Artist and ONE FC is getting a gem. This just shows the world how flawed the UFC’s money-making model is. Cyborg had a division made just for her, and with little to no competition is still fighting and making the UFC more money than 25-35 Flyweight’s. I honestly hope that most of the Division is able to be retained and fight at Bantamweight. Prospects like Alex Perez, Deiveson Figueiredo, and Mark de la Rosa will likely be retained, but older fighters who are coming off of losses like John Moraga will more than likely be cut. UFC Flyweights Jarred Brooks, Jose Torres, and Justin Scoggins have already been cut and are looking for work after being left out to dry.

All isn’t terrible for fight fans though. This shows the world that the UFC is open to changing its divisional system and hopefully that means splitting the Welterweight division into two, 165 pounds and 175 pounds. That would give us 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185, 205, and 265. The UFC could also benefit from a 195 pound and 225-pound division. The UFC has had trouble finding headliners for events, opening new divisions will allow for easier bookings.

All of the above was written on Thursday, November 8th, all below on Friday, November 9th.

WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK IS THE UFC TRYING TO DO. They gutted pretty much the entire division and every current flyweight who has either lost or is not established enough is stepping on eggshells. AND NOW the Current Flyweight Champion Henry Cejudo is taking on TJ Dillashaw for the FLYWEIGHT TITLE!!!, NOT THE BANTAMWEIGHT TITLE, BUT THE FUCKING FLYWEIGHT TITLE. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, cut a bunch of people who literally punch people in the face for you just because they’re short and then grant a larger competitor a shot at a title in a soon-to-be-nonexistent division. These fighters you’ve cut have families, bills, taxes, and you cut them because Demetrious Johnson wasn’t marketable enough. GO FUCK YOURSELVES UFC. WME-IMG, the UFC’s parent company, is a cancer to the sport and they need to sell it if MMA is gonna move forward.

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