WWE Survivor Series Shake Up: My Opinion

With the news hitting yesterday afternoon that Becky Lynch suffered a “broken face” and a “concussion”, she was out of what many people believed to be the main event. A match with Ronda Rousey. So WWE was scrambling the whole day Tuesday figuring out back up plans. One of those backup plans was to put in Charlotte Flair to face Ronda.

A matchup that was talked about by many WWE fans and writers as a headlining main event match to end WrestleMania 35, is now taking place this Sunday. I’m fine with that. Give me Becky Lynch vs. Ronda at Mania instead. The crowd is going to eat that up because their guy, “the man” Becky Lynch is getting the spotlight she deserves.

And I plan on going to Mania and now hopefully I get to see that matchup there and I can’t wait.

Now the other matchup that was shaken up in a big way was Brock Lesner vs. AJ Styles. In what was a weird opening segment, Paul Heyman interrupted Styles and brought up how he is the second best in ring wrestler behind Daniel Bryan. This prompted Styles to say that he made Bryan tape a few weeks ago. So all of that talk, made Bryan come out and threaten Styles, saying if he puts his name in another sentence he was punching him in the face. Very bad guy tactics of Daniel Bryan. So Styles said that Bryan is one of the best technical wrestlers ever, and this prompts Bryan to get into a brawl with him, setting up a title match between the two that night.

Now here comes my issue with all of this. Reports said that Styles was booked to lose the title tonight as of last weekend. Why would WWE book it right after AJ celebrated a year as WWE champion? A year long champion doesn’t deserve to lose his title on a go home show before a big PPV matchup between two branded champions. Styles elevated that WWE championship while Brock had the title and never got the respect he should of got. On the co-branded PPVs he was always in the middle of the card. Yeah he was there because if he went on second last or third last, he would of outshine whatever match Roman was in. But even when Brock wasn’t defending the title, Styles was in the middle of the card. It never was at the end and that is where my anger for all of this starts.

Vince makes Styles lose on a go home addition of Smackdown live? Get out of here. Why not wait till TLC to do this? Why not build up Daniel Bryan turning heel over the course of three weeks? It would of been a more gut wrenching moment. Sure last night was gut wrenching but it could of been more if they built up to it.

AJ Styles had an historic WWE title reign and as a big fan of his going back to his TNA days, I should be happy about that and I was. Don’t get me wrong. But to have it end before a big PPV match? To end on a Smackdown? I don’t like it.

And I get the reasons that some websites have brought up. It protects Styles from losing to Brock, he could be hurt and that it was used to turn Bryan heel. I get all of that, but to have him lose it like that, after he was never given the PPV spots in the first place annoys me more.  I have no problem with a heel Bryan as champion while AJ chases, cause thats what it looks like it’ll be at TLC. But I hate on WWE for doing it at this time.

And one more real world thing. A lot of people have been calling this a dream match, but what happens if Brock accidentally drops Bryan on his head and he gets a concussion? He is done. No more wrestling in the WWE. I hope that doesn’t happen, I really do because that’s messed up if I want to see that happen. I’m just scared for Bryan with his concussion history and the fact Brock sometimes drops people on their heads.

That being said I can’t wait to see what Becky does this Sunday. I was listening to Busted Open Radio and Bully Ray said that he thinks Becky could show up Sunday and I believe that too.

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