Officially: Mookie Betts Is Your 2018 AL MVP


To no one’s surprise, Mookie Betts is your 2018 American League Most Valuable Player.

It went Mookie, Trout, Ramirez and then J.D. Martinez in that order.

Talk about a great year for Mookie Betts. He is a World Series Champion, a new father and now the Most Valuable Player in the AL.

I mean Mookie had to win it. He lead in WAR, even though thats an overrated stat, he lead the league on average, was apart of the thirty for thirty club with thirty two home runs and thirty stolen bases. I get the cases for Ramirez and Mike Trout, but in the end Mookie was the obvious choice.

Mookie had eighty RBIS from the lead off spot. Imagine how many RBIS he would of had if he was batting behind J.D. or even in front of him?? Easily would of had a thirty- one hundred season. But hey who cares about that. Mookie go the job done from the lead off spot. First player to win the MVP award from that spot in the lineup since Jimmy Rollins in 2007.

And it wasn’t even close. He had twenty eight first place votes which just shows how well Mookie played this year. Oh and the other two first place votes went to J.D. Martinez and Mike Trout.

This is just the first of many MVP’s coming Mookie’s way. Look for Mookie to be a finalist next year as well. I’m so happy Mookie didn’t lose this award because he was the best player in the league this year and the most valuable player in the league as well. John Henry, sign our MVP to a long term contract. Don’t let him every leave Boston because if he does, I think I would have to steal John Henry’s checkbook.

Now next time Mookie wins this award, can we get Tom Brady to sit by him just like Yelich had Baker Mayfield next to him?

And lets not take anything away from Mike Trout and Jose Ramirez. They both had amazing seasons. Just not as good as Mookie Betts.



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