Braves Sign Josh Donaldson And Brain McCann



Last season the Braves were one of the surprise teams, winning the division and making the playoffs, only to be eliminated by the Dodgers. And they did that with what was a group of really young players who are only going to get better.

Now they make maybe the first big splash of the offseason and sign Josh Donaldson and Brian McCann to one year deals worth a total of only twenty five million dollars. I really like this move for the Braves because these two guys are veteran players who know how to win postseason games. They will help out the young guys on this team a bunch with their knowledge.

Look at how J.D. had an impact on the Red Sox lineup this year. I’m not saying it’ll be the exact same effect, but these guys will help these younger guys grow for the Braves. Donaldson can still swing the bat, I don’t know how the defense, but we’ll see on that front. He’ll be put right in the middle of that lineup.

McCann is still a good catcher who can call great games. Look how he was with Verlander in Houston this year. He made a difference and I don’t doubt he will in Atlanta.

This puts Atlanta in a very good position to sign a top name closer like a Craig Kimbrel. I’m still hoping the Red Sox can bring him back at the right price but if they don’t, I think Atlanta will be a favorite to land Kimbrel. It is where he started and maybe they’ll get a hometown discount from Kimbrel. Who Knows. The offseason is just beginning.

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