Patrick Corbin Signs Deal With The Nationals



Sorry Yankee fans. Patrick Corbin is going to the Nationals on a 6 year deal worth 140 million dollars. Just about what Jon Lester got a few years ago (more on that later) from the Cubs, which I think is a little too much for Corbin in my opinion. Only because this past season was his best season yet, and he is entering his age thirty season.

This season he went 11-7 with a with a 3.15 ERA in 200 innings pitched, with 246 strikeouts. Not looking at the wins, this was his best season stats wise. He won 14 games twice in his career, but wins now a days don’t matter as much, but this is still a risk for the Nationals.

Because if we look at Jon Lester for example who is in the middle of his 6 year 155 million dollar contract, when he was signed by the Cubs, he was also coming off his best season at age 30, but he gave the Cubs more than a front-line starter. He gave the Cubs a playoff proven pitcher, a leader in the clubhouse and he was a legit ace. Lester also had proven he could be a work horse, going over 200 innings multiple times.

This past season was Corbin’s second time doing that. Is Patrick Corbin an ace? I don’t think he is. I think he’s a very good number two starter. Can he turn into a legit number one? Yeah, sure he can. He has gotten better as the seasons has gone by, but again, he is turning 30 next season. So we’ll see. I may be wrong and I probably am. The other good thing is that Corbin doesn’t have to be a number one. He can be a three because of who he is pitching behind.

Let me be very clear though. This deal isn’t a bad deal. It’s a good deal with a little risk to it. Cause the Nationals have over $500 million dollars going to three starters now. So this rotation has to be good next season. It can’t be a bust for the Nationals like it was last season. So a lot of pressure is on the Nationals rotation to perform next season.

This deal doesn’t help the Nationals chances of re-signing Bryce Harper. It doesn’t completely put them out of the race for him, but they aren’t going to be able to offer him what he wants to get. The $300 million plus dollar deal isn’t going to come from the Nationals, unlike it will from the Phillies. But maybe this signing of Corbin will make Bryce lower his price and take a more team friendly deal to stay with this team and build a contender in the Nations Capital.

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