Six-Time All Star Paul Goldschmidt Traded To The Cardinals


So I really didn’t think Paul Goldschmidt was going to get traded this off-season. I thought Arizona was going to see what the first half of the 2019 season brought them and then decide what to do with their All-Star first baseman. They decided that they weren’t going to wait and pulled the trigger just before the Winter Meetings.

Arizona trading Goldschmidt now tells me that they didn’t even think they had a shot at re-signing him next offseason. Which is a little surprising considering they were in the J.D. Martinez sweepstakes last offseason, so one would think they would be in the running to re-sign him.

Who knows, maybe they’ll end up re-signing him. But he is going to command a bigger contract than J.D. did last offseason. I don’t think by much, but he will. That is unless J.D. opts out next season and signs a bigger deal with the Red Sox or (hopefully not) another team.

Carson Kelly isn’t a free agent until 2025, Luke Weaver hasn’t been great for the Cardinals. He had a 4.95 ERA in 136.1 innings last season, but isn’t a free agent until 2024. Andy Young is a second baseman and was drafted in the 37th round of the 2016 draft. So you tell me who won this deal. I think the Cardinals did just because Goldschmidt is a really really good player. They have the money to sign him next year and I think they will. I believe they want someone to anchor down the first base spot for years to come like they had with Albert Pujols.

We’ll see what comes from the players they sent to Arizona. But right now as the Cardinals retool and look to get back into the playoff picture, this was a great first step in that direction.

Oh and Goldschmidt has a career .363 batting average, with 26 home runs and 77 RBIS against the Cubs and Brewers.

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